Durham Area Family History Day

February 22, 2014—9a.m. to 4p.m.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
1050 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

29 genealogy classes
Beginner to Advanced
Free to the public ages 12 and up

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From Tree to Temple:

This class for LDS Church members will help you get started with your family history using FamilySearch.org.

FamilySearch and Beyond:

New Resources for Members:What to do when your family tree is full and all the work has been done for your ancestors.

My Tree is Full, What Next?

Learn some easy tricks to discovering what's missing in your family tree and where potential names can be found.

Put Family in Family History:

Fun Family History Activities: "Turning the hearts" doesn't just mean towards your ancestors. Family history can help build family bonds. Walk away from this session with practical activities that your family can do for family home evenings, reunions, and vacations.

Top 10 Things I learned:

New to genealogy and short on time? You can make amazing discoveries using online resources! These true research examples demonstrate the breadth of materials available and suggest next steps for when you have time to go deeper.

Intro to DNA for Genealogists:

Family historians are presented with many tools in the category of Genetics and DNA. This session is the first and will introduce the concepts and methods used in applying DNA results to Genealogy pursuits.

Finding Your British Roots:

Find My Past sponsored session.

Effective Database Search Tactics:

Your research success depends on knowing the best way to search each different collection. Truncation, keyword, phrase and wild card are not foreign terms, but rather your keys to genealogical success.

How to Scan an Elephant:

Digitizing Your Family History from Artifact to Zombie: Digitizing is no longer the exclusive realm of flatbed scanners. Learn how and when to achieve best results using a digital camera, mobile scanner, or portable device to digitize your awkward family keepsakes and oversize research materials.

From Chaos to C.A.L.M.--Organizing Digital Photos for Use in a Life Story Project:

Do you have photos spilling out of shoe boxes? A computer full of photos with names such as DSC_00067899? We will show you a foolproof method for taming the chaos and organizing digital photos to enjoy, share, and preserve.

Basic Online Resources for the Beginning Genealogist:

When you're new to family history, diving into the research process can seem overwhelming. This session will walk beginners through the exciting journey of genealogy. Learn what information is online, how to effectively search databases, and share information with others.

Facebook is Family History:

engaging young people in their own stories: Why do Facebook and other sites continue to be so popular? Come learn why young people get so excited about sharing pieces of their stories online and what can be done to channel this excitement into the genealogy community.

Become an iPad Power User:

Move beyond apps into iPad power usage. Lisa Louise Cooke, author of Turn Your iPad into a Genealogy Powerhouse, shares hacks for customizing your tablet's browsers and bookmarks, app organization and search, harnessing accessibility features, and Evernote tricks.

Who's Your Mama's Mama's Mama?

Lots of ideas on how to find out the maiden names of those elusive women in our family tree.